Sonic Mandala

Go: Organic Orchestra

Music composed and improvisationally
conducted by Adam Rudolph

META 017
release date - 9.17.13

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“Contemplation of a Mandala returns us from the illusion of individual existence into the way of living in resonance with the wholeness of nature. In music we can call this practice Sonic Mandala. In it we generate ostinatos of circularity that play in a synchronized sound weaving of space and motion. Patterns become like design, thought, dialogue, and forms in nature. These over time create momentum; an invitation to join in the shared experience of the lifted moment.” - Adam Rudolph

Sonic Mandala is also being released as an audiophile double LP:

- gatefold double LP
- limited edition of 300
- audiophile 150 gram vinyl
- state of the art recording and mix
- amazing art work inside and out by Nourddine El Wararih


Ralph M. Jones - alto and c flute, hulusi, bamboo flutes
Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute
Zé Luis Oliveira – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Sylvain Leroux – tambin fulani flute, c flute, sheng, bamboo flutes

Batya Sobel – oboe, ocarina
Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon, sona
Ned Rothenberg – b flat & bass clarinet, shakuhachi
J D Parran – contra alto clarinet, kalimbas, ewart bamboo flute
Avram Fefer - b flat & bass clarinet, bamboo flutes
Ivan Barenboim - b flat clarinet, bamboo flutes

Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, ewart bamboo horn
Stephen Haynes – trumpet, flugelhorn, alto horn, conch
Peter Zummo – trombone, conch, didgeridoo, zithers

Elektra Kurtis – violin
Rosemarie Hertlein – violin
Gwen Laster – violin
Sarah Bernstein – violin
Skye Steele – violin
Curtis Stewart – violin

Jason Kao Hwang – viola
Stephanie Griffin – viola

Marika Hughes – cello
Janie Cowan – double bass

James Hurt – sogo, kidi, igbo bell, udu, percussion
Matt Kilmer – frame drum, djembe, kanjira, udu, percussion
Brahim Fribgane – cajon, tarija, udu, percussion
Tim Kieper – dusun’goni, pandiero, caxixi, udu, percussion
Keita Ogawa –earthtone drum, frame drum, hadjira, pandeiro, udu, percussion
Tripp Dudley – kanjira, cajon, bayan, frame drum, udu, percussion
Adam Rudolph – bata, slit drum, rebolo, gankogoui, udu, percussion

Alex Marcelo – piano, fender rhodes
Kenny Wessel – electric guitar, banjo
Stuart Popejoy – electric bass

Sonic Mandala: In Twelve Parts

Part One (Invitation) 8:00
Part Two 4:24
Part Three 4:07

Part Four 4:47
Part Five 3:32
Part Six 5:35

Part Seven (slow) 3:39
Part Seven (medium) 3:02
Part Seven (fast) 3:16
Part Eight 3:49

Part Nine 4:38
Part Ten 2:14
Part Eleven 5:11
Part Twelve (Universal Mother) 4:08

Music composed and improvisationally conducted by Adam Rudolph
Rhythms composed by Adam Rudolph except Part Twelve composed by Brahim Fribgane

Published by Migration Music BMI

For my father

Recorded April 20 & May 5 & 6 2012 at Orange Music Sound Studio, New Jersey
Recording, mix and mastering by James Dellatacoma
Photography by Noureddine El Warari
Design by Sylvain Leroux

Produced by Adam Rudolph


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