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Syntactic Adventures (in Memoriam for Yusef Lateef) for String Quartet (2016)
performed by the Momenta Quartet - 6.12.2018  NYC


Morphic Resonances for String Quartet (2014)
performed by the Momenta Quartet - 4.16.2016  NYC


Orbits (2014) for Percussion Quartet
performed by the Oberlin Percussion Group


Discography of Recordings Featuring Music Composed by Adam Rudolph

2016: Glare of the Tiger - Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Octet

2015: Turning Towards the LIght – Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra

2015: Epic Botanical Beat Suite – Hu: Vibrational

2013: Voice Prints - Roscoe Mitchell, Yusef Lateef, Adam Rudolph

2013: A Glimpse - Go: Organic Orchestra / Ensemble Dissonanzen Di Naples

2012: Good Medicine – Adam Rudolph and Joseph Bowie Duet

2012: Merely a Traveler on the Cosmic Path – Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones Duet

2011: (Can You Imagine?) The Sound of a Dream – Go: Organic Orchestra

2011: Both/And - Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Octet with Go: Organic Orchestra Strings

2010: Pietrasanta Project – Go: Organic Orchestra/Ensemble Dissonanzen Di Naples/Consort Di Flauti Del Conservatorio Di Cosnza

2010: Towards the Unknown – Concerto for Yusef Lateef with String Orchestra

2010: Yeyi – Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones Duo

2009: Universal Quartet w. Yusef Lateef

2009: Simba – Adam Rudolph and Omar Sosa Duo

2007: Dream Garden - Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Octet

2007: Thought Forms - Organic Orchestra

2006: Universal Mother – Hu: Vibrational

2006: Compassion – Wadada Leo Smith and Adam Rudolph Duo

2004: Pictures of Soul – Omar Sosa and Adam Rudolph Duo

2004: Vista – featuring Sam Rivers

2004: Beautiful – Hu: Vibrational - Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake

2003: Organic Orchestra, In The Garden (w. Yusef Lateef)

2002: Organic Orchestra, Web of Light

2002: Organic Orchestra: 1

2002: Hu: Vibrational w. Hamid Drake

2001: Beyond the Sky Octet w. Yusef Lateef

2000: Spirits w. Pharaoh Sanders

1999: 12 Arrows - Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures

1997: Contemplations - Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures

1997: The World at Peace (Music for 12 Musicians)
(Commissioned by Meet the Composer/Rockefeller Program)

1995: The Dreamer - (an original Opera based upon The Birth of Tragedy by Friedrich Nietzsche)
CD and Book

1994: Skyway - Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures

1992: Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures

1991: Gift of the Gnawa - Hassan Hakmoun & Adam Rudolph with Don Cherry

1986: Eternal Wind – Wasalu

1985: Eternal Wind – Terra Incognita


Recent Compostional Commissions:

2016 "Syntactic Adventures " commissioned by Momenta String Quartet

2016 "Crossings" for viola, flute, clarinet and cello composed for ACF

2015 "Mirrors" for solo flute composed for ACF

2015 "Rotations" commisioned by Figura Ensemble, Denmark

2014 "Orbits" commissioned by Oberlin Percussion Group

2014 "Morphic Resonances" commissioned by Momenta String Quartet (video)

2014 "Wonderings" commisioned by Figura Ensemble, Denmark

For scores and information about performances of these compositions
please contact


Performances with...

Don Cherry
L. Shankar (India)
Jon Hassel
Yusef Lateef
Pharoah Sanders
Foday Musa Suso (The Gambia)
Hassan Hakmoun (Morocco)
Badal Roy (India)
Wadada Leo Smith
Oliver Lake
Kevin Eubanks
James Newton
Ahmed Bakbou (Morocco)
Lester Bowie
Jihad Racy (Lebanon)
Fred Anderson
Sam Rivers
I Nyoman Wenten (Indonesia)
Joseph Jarman
Big Black
Sibiri Samke (Mali)
Mahmoud Guinea (Morocco)
Brahim Belkane (Morocco)
Bennie Maupin
Cheik Tijane Seck (Mali)
Arthur Blythe
Herbie Hancock
Braham Belkane (Morocco)
Eternal Wind
Joseph Jarman
Sylvie Courvasier
Graham Haynes

Performing Ensembles (current)

Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Sextet

Go: Organic Orchestra

Hu: Vibrational

Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra

Duet Collaborations:

Yeyi Duo with Ralph Jones

Igbo Duo with Joe Bowie

Duo with Marco Cappelli

Wildflowers duo with Butoh Dancer Oguri

Karuna Percussion Duo with Hamid Drake


2006: “Pure Rhythm" - Rhythm Cycles and Polymetric Patterns for Instrumentalists, Percussionists, Composers and Music Educators” published by advance music, Germany

2006: Forward to “Another Avenue” by Yusef Lateef published by Vantage Press

2005: Forward to “The Gentle Giant” The Autobiograhpy of Yusef Lateef published by Morton books

2000: Parabola Magazine – Winter IssueForward “Music, the Language of the Heart”

1999: Preface to “123 Duets” by Yusef Lateef published by Fana Publishing


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