Adam Rudolph's
Moving Pictures

META 002 - 1997

playing time: 63' 43"

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"They sucsessfully meld influences from across the globe through cogent, vibrant performances."

 **** Down Beat Magazine - Jon Andrews

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Moving Pictures

Adam Rudolph: udu drum, hand drums, thumb pianos, talking drum, bendir, selya flute, balafon, brekete, tajida, naqqara, keyboards, gongs, cymbals, percussion.

Hamid Drake: trap drums, vocal, def, tumba, bendir.

Ralph Jones: soprano & tenor saxophone, c and alto flute, bass clarinet, bassoon, piano, shenai, ney, bamboo flutes.

Federico Ramos: acoustic guitar, charango, 'ud, bamboo flutes.

Oguri: dance



our friend and teacher

Don Cherry

A special thank you to

Yusef Lateef


Ngapka Chogyam Rinpoche


CD artwork & poetry


Adam Rudolph


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