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The New York City based Go: Organic Orchestra is a multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-racial chamber orchestra that combines western and non-western instrumentation to present a serious contemporary music based on the original compositional concept of musical director Adam Rudolph.

Go: Organic Orchestra - NYC

While Rudolph has taught hundreds of musicians world-wide in the Go: Organic Orchestra concept, it is the New York City based ensemble that has evolved the most full expression of this creative vision.

Since 2005, Rudolph has worked with a consistent core of 42 technically and creatively-skilled musicians from the diverse worlds of classical, jazz and world music.

Using innovative notation and conducting signals, Rudolph leads the NYC Go: Organic Orchestra members to create works that the ensemble "reinvents" with each performance.

The ensemble has attracted an audience of thousands into New York City's experimental performance venues, helping to establish a dynamic new scene for a boundless, contemporary vision of 21st century music. A five year residency at Roulette Intermedia, followed by four years at Shapeshifter Lab and two years at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music have helped to make Go: Organic Orchestra a widely appreciated chamber ensemble.

NYC Go Organic Orchestra

Go: Organic Orchestra meets Brooklyn Raga Massive at the Rubin Museum of Art
photo: Adrien H. Tillmann ©2018

When on tour outside of New York City Go: Organic Orchestra
typically performs with an ensemble of between 18 and 27 musicians.


Members of the New York City Go: Organic Orchestra


Sylvain Leroux
– tambin fulani flute, c flute, bamboo flutes

Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes

Zé Luis Oliveira – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes

Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute 

Steve Gorn – bansuri flute

Mariano Gil - bass flute, alto flute

Batya Sobel – oboe

J D Parran – contra alto clarinet, bamboo flute, kalimbas




Ned Rothenberg – b flat & bass clarinet, shakuhachi 

Avram Fefer - b flat & bass clarinet

Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon, sona

Ivan Barenboim - b flat clarinet, bamboo flutes

Sean Sonderegger – contra bass clarinet, & bass clarinet


Stephen Haynes – trumpet, cornet, conch, flugelhorn, alto horn

Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, bamboo horn

Peter Zummo – trombone, conch, didgeridoo, zither 

Libby Schwartz
– French horn


Go NYC Ensemble 5

Go Organinc Orchestra NYC String Section


Jason Kao Hwang – violin, viola

Elektra Kurtis – violin 

Midori Yamamoto – violin

Sana Nagano – violin 

Julianne Carney –violin  

Curtis Stewart – violin 

Trina Basu - violin

Mark Chung – violin 

Gwen Laster – viola 

Stephanie Griffin – viola 

Melanie Dyer - viola 

Marika Hughes
– cello

Emma Alabaster – double bass

Leco Reis - contrabass



Brahim Fribgane – cajon, tarija, udu, percussion

James Hurt  – sogo, kidi, igbo bell, udu, percussion

Matt Kilmer  – frame drum, djembe, kanjira, udu, percussion

Tim Kieper – dusun'goni, pandiero, udu, percussion

Keita Ogawa –earthtone drum, hadjira, pandeiro, udu, percussion

Joe Hertenstein – gongs, cymbals, udu, percussion

John Hadfield - bata, congas, percussion

Shane Shanahan -  frame drums, percussion

Alexis Marcelo – piano, fender rhodes

Kenny Wessel – electric guitar, banjo, looping, processing 

Marco Cappelli – acoustic guitar, looping, processing 

Jerome Harris – acoustic bass guitar, pedal steel guitar 

Damon Banks – electric bass




© 2002 - 2018   Adam Rudolph