Music composed by Adam Rudolph

META 019
release date - 5.19.15

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“When you hit a groove, it's not you; it's the spirit world.” - Tommy Chong


1. Akete  6:08
2. Charas 4:14
3. Soma 5:21
4. Hikuli 4:36
5. Kwa-shi 5:00
6. Agobi 5:08
7. Ya-jey 4:38
8. BONUS TRACK Akete remix 9:21

Compositions by Adam Rudolph
Organic arrangements and edits by Adam Rudolph with James Dellatacoma
Mix and processing by James Dellatacoma with Adam Rudolph
Recorded and mixed at Orange Sound Studio 2014/15
Cover Art by Nancy Jackson
Design by Sylvian Leroux
Produced by Adam Rudolph and James Dellatacoma

We dedicate this music to our families - those here, those gone and those yet to come.

Thanks to Carlos Nino, Hamid Drake, Charles Moore, Bill Laswell, and to David Ellenbogen for his recording of the frogs of Costa Rica

Adam Rudolph – bata, slit drum, rebolo, gankogoui, udu, percussion
Brahim Fribgane – cajon, tarija, udu, percussion
James Hurt  – sogo, kidi, igbo bell, udu, percussion
Matt Kilmer  – frame drum, djembe, kanjira, udu, percussion
Tim Kieper – dusun’goni, pandiero, caxixi, udu, percussion
Keita Ogawa –earthtone drum, frame drum, hadjira, pandeiro, udu, percussion
Tripp Dudley – kanjira, cajon, bayan, frame drum, udu, percussion
Special guests:
Eivind Aarset– electric guitars
Steve Gorn – bansuri flutes
Bill Laswell – electric bass  
Alex Marcelo – fender rhodes

Album Notes:
Hu Vibrational's new album mixes deep percussive African rhythms and Afro - Jazz with elements of hip-hop and electronica. Recorded and mixed at Bill Laswell’s state of the art studio, this is the fourth album by Hu: Vibrational and for those who bought the previous 3 releases this will not disappoint! Produced and mixed by Adam Rudolph together with longtime Laswell engineer James Dellatacoma, the album features 7 world percussionists along several special guests including Bill Laswell hitting the deep pockets on bass plus Norwegian guitar whiz Eivind Aarset creating ethereal electronic palettes.  

Joining Rudolph in the groove department are the percussionists from his Go: Organic Orchestra project:  Brahim Fribgane, James Hurt, Matt Kilmer, Tim Kieper, Keita Ogawa and Tripp Dudley. Each of these great drummers has performed extensively worldwide; here they perform Rudolph’s rhythm compositions on a wide variety of world percussion. The tracks were then electronically processed and transformed in the mixes into a true ancient to future expression; a dance music style Hu calls “Boonghee Music”. With 2 acclaimed releases on Soul Jazz Records (Beautiful and Universal Mother) and Scott Heren’s (Prefuse 73) Eastern developments label, Hu Vibrational’s deep spiritual music draws on the links between Africa, Jazz music and avant-garde Hip-Hop.

Adam Rudolph is known for work with Don Cherry, Pharaoh Sanders and other great “jazz artists, as well as his 25 year partnership with the legendary Yusef Lateef. He currently also leads his Moving Pictures Octet and the 36 piece Go: Organic Orchestra.

Almost 10 years since the last Hu Vibrational release of “Boonghee Music”, Rudolph turns his creative energies back to HU by creating a deep groove masterpiece – indeed; a vision of future dance music.  As Tommy Chong so aptly puts it, “When you hit a groove, it's not you; it's the spirit world.”


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