Resonant Bodies CD
Resonant Bodies
Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra

META 026

release date - 11.5.21

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Music composed and spontaneously conducted by Adam Rudolph

Interpretation and realization by the ensemble

Go: Organinc Orchestra NYC Ensemble
[photo: Scott Friedlander]


As heard in stereo from left to right:

Liberty Ellman - electric guitar
Nels Cline - electric guitar
Joel Harrison  - electric guitar, national steel guitar
Jerome Harris  - electric and bass guitar, lap steel guitar
Miles Okazaki - electric guitar
Damon Banks - electric bass guitar
Marco Capelli - acoustic guitar
David Gilmore - electric guitair
Kenny Wessel  - electric guitar

Adam Rudolph - handrumset (on Deneb only)

Resonant Bodies Track List

1. Parallax - 4:12

2. Albireo - 6:49

3. Eta - 5:25

4. Mira - 5:11

5. Fawaris - 5:11

6. Dolidze - 4:18

7. Cygnus - 4:07

8. Gliese - 2:25

9. Deneb - 5:24

Music composed and spontaneously conducted by Adam Rudolph
Interpretation and realization by the ensemble

Recorded live at Roulette Intermedium on November 23, 2015
by Caley Monahon-Ward
Mixed by James Dellatacoma at Orange Sound Studio, NJ
Mastered by Liberty Ellman

Organic arrangements and orchestrations by Adam Rudolph
Published by Migration Music BMI

Cover photo art by Adam Rudolph
Produced by Adam Rudolph


Album Notes

Resonant Bodies is the 12th release in Adam Rudolph's series of recordings for Go: Organic Orchestra, his concept for "new" global/creative orchestra that he began developing in 2001.

His previous recordings for Go: Organic Orchestra featured an array of instrumentation to bring to life his unique creative music. But for Resonant Bodies Rudolph envisioned a new kind of orchestral sound conveyed by a single instrument: guitar, whose strings, coaxed by the right hands, are capable of unleashing an orchestra of different musical sounds. He says: "I try to do something new with each performance and recording. This time I wanted to experiment with a new kind of orchestration. I felt that with their range of sound and rhythm, these eight electric guitarists could generate a sonic palate that had never been heard before. I was looking for a new kind of "Future Orchestra" — and I think we found it."

With the Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra Rudolph moves the idea of what an orchestra can actually BE resolutely into the Twenty-First century. He states: “When you generate new creative processes, the result will be prototypical art.” On Resonant Bodies eight guitarists using 63 strings and 108 foot pedals sound in turn like a futuristic orchestra.  “I asked them to not to think like a guitarist, but to imagine they were playing an oboe, or were singing, or a Moog or a flock of birds. The idea was to have the music transcend the idea of thinking a certain way that the technique of playing an instrument can pull a musician.  I think we succeeded; I have never heard music like this before. Each of these outstanding artists played with so much imagination and soulfulness. I am grateful.”

Resonant Bodies is a document of the final concert of a tour the group did a few years ago. Rudolph observes: "There is nothing like traveling and performing together over a period of time. We were able to tune in together and develop the concept through the performances. I half jokingly thought to title this release 'How To Play The Guitar'. I hear so many different and innovative approaches to playing the guitar on the recording. But that title does not really say enough, because the artists used their great virtuosity to serve the magic of the musical moment. In another way I can hear this music as a kind of electronic music in the tradition innovated by wonderful composers like Pierre Schafer, Stockhausen or Varese. But to me this sounds hipper or at least breaks new ground because it has the aliveness and energy expressed in the moment by these eight amazing guitarists.

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