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Corporate Drum Circles

Led By

Adam Rudolph


"A Master Percussionist"
- Musician Magazine

Rhythms of Collaboration Drum Circle Facilitators
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"Beyond the fun of getting together to make noise, enthusiasts say the benefits of group drumming include healing of both mind and body. Now it's for corporate executives and old buffers too."


10 key benefits of the experiential learning of Rhythms of Collaboration Drum Circles:

Create a greater sense of community within your organization.
Rhythms of Collaboration Demonstration
Uplift workplace morale.
Work better as a team.
Improve communication skills.
Reach and develop untapped creativity
Listen to each other better.
Develop flexable leadership skills.
Encourage innovation.
Bond as a group.
Have a lot of fun.


Rhythms of Collaboration Clients 2001 - 2017:

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Price Waterhouse Cooper

Texas Instruments

Federated Department Stores

Whalen Corporation

Stanford Business School

Cognos Inc.

Motel 6 Inc.

Action Learning Associates




Watson Pharmaceuticals

USC Graduate School of Business

Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Company

Executive Development Associates

The Details:

1. Sample Drum Circle Workshop Program:

Opening remarks on listening, teamwork and creativity. Rhythms of  Collaboration Musicians
Drumming session to demonstrate these concepts.
Hands on drum session actualizing these concepts.
Short talk on trust, risk-taking and improvisation.
Hands on drum session actualizing these concepts.
Concluding remarks.

2. Logistics

Drum Circles for groups from 10 - 500 (for larger groups additional professional drum facilitators will be provided)

Our presentation can be customized to fit your company's specific objectives.

Drums will be provided for the sessions and are also available for purchase as offsite souvenirs with your corporate logo printed right on the drum!



"Rhythms of Collaboration created a unique leadership learning opportunity for experiencing the benefits of timing, listening, and trust. It's a great team activity - fun, fast-paced, and very entertaining. Adam and his fellow percussionists were excellent teachers and performers."
- George Consolver,  Director Texas Instruments Strategy Process

Rhythms of Collaboration had over 450 Texas Instruments employees drumming together for their Leadership Conference Celebration. Their goal, which we reached with a beautiful big sound and lots of fun, was to "sense the power of creating some thing bigger than yourself" and to learn about timing. I addressed these issues in my brief opening remarks. It was during the drumming itself, however, as with all Rhythms of Collaboration drum circles, that the participants were able to experience these ideas. The power of Rhythms of Collaboration lies in the visceral learning. Playing of the drums together experientially reinforces the themes the company wants to touch. Rhythms of Collaboration also seems to provide a welcome activity that is both bonding within the group as a challenge unrelated to the regular tasks at hand and lots of fun in the context of what is usually a period of intense work and review for the corporate employees.


"I was extremely impressed and inspired by your presentation, as were each and every one of the 350 employees who attended the retreat. It is of utmost importance for our teams to blend their individual skills into the group purpose. Under your tutelage, we achieved this within two hours in a most powerful way. It was an experience that we will not soon forget. The benefits we derived were equally matched by the sheer enjoyment of the drumming."
- Dan Whalen, CEO Whalen & Co.


"We found the program very inspiring... a real enhancement to our leadership conference."
- Debbie Friedman, CLO Federated Corporation

Rhythms of Collabortaion presented a series of 3 drum circles for The Federated Leadership Institute, part of Federated Department Stores. Each drum circle had approximately 125 participants made up of regional and store managers. The one hour drum circle was the closing celebration of a 3 day conference entitled "Making Choices". In addition to our core message emphasizing flexible leadership styles, creativity, risk taking and trust, my short opening talk addressed issues of interest to FLI, including the need for collaboration and partnership as a leadership model and the development of intuition as an aid to the choices one makes as a manager. Cultivation of intuition is, of course, the essence of improvisation music making. I also spoke about collaborative leadership styles. This was followed by a forty minute session of highly enthusiastic drumming. I closed with a 5 minute period where the participants had an opportunity to give feedback as to how the drumming resonated with the issues they had been working on that week. They really got it!


"Your musical mastery and knowledge of improvisational collaboration has enormous application and relevance to those seeking to achieve mastery in creativity, communication, leadership and teamwork. I have the testimony of 400 people still reverberating in my ears when they gave you a thunderous standing ovation at the end of your seminar."
- Rob Rabbin,
Corporate Event Producer

Rhythms of Collaboration Drum Circle Participants


"Adam's drumming provided a very enjoyable way for leaders at Cognos to experientially get some of the principles of collaboration and alignment that we had been talking about for some time in the company. The music was fun and people naturally gravitated to it without being cautious that now there was something they were supposed to learn. It was a risky thing for us to try with all the senior executives from the CEO down, and even a customer in the room, but everyone got into it. A small group of executives stayed back afterwards and had a terrific jam-session with Adam - that was fantastic!"
- Rod Brandvold, CLO Cognos Inc.

Rhythms of Collaboration also presented a drum circle at the Museum of Man for the top 50 executives, including the CEO and CFO of Cognos Inc. Congos’ goal for the drum circle was to create a fun, shared experience for executives who live far from one another geographically, and work in very different arenas: i.e. marketing, R & D, and sales. We achieved this goal of increased comfort, trust and familiarity inside this group. Congos’ CEO, who had never played a drum before at the age of 70+, discovered a new passion and was ready to drum all night!

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