Pharoah Sanders, Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake

MAH/META 004-2000

playing time: 60' 27"

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Pharoah Sanders: Tenor Saxaphone, Vocal, Wood Flutes, Hindehoo

Adam Rudolph: Handrumset (Congas, Djembe, Udud Drum, Talking Drum,Thumb Piano, Bendir), Bamboo Flute, Overtone Singing, Gong, Percussion

Hamid Drake: Vocal, Trap Drums, Frame Drums.




Sunrise | Morning in Soweto | The Thousand Petalled Lotus | I and Thou | Uma Lake
Ancient Peoples | Calling To The Luminous Beings | Roundhouse | Molimo | Sunset

Recorded live in concert, summer 1998, this recording marks the first movements of a group who's dynamic and scope will long-live and inspire throughout the world. Painting with words like percussive and of the wind tell of the direction, where simply saying that two drummers and a reedman join in sonic expressions might sound limiting. This is a truly forward project that gracefully channels the eternal spirits of the cosmos and translates ancient codes. From words read in the inside panels, Musharef Khan explains that, "the mind that has been trained to feel can by means of the emotions go behind an unfamiliar form and touch it's soul." Such minds have collaborated in a free, spontaneous and, possibly conversely, meditative session to transmit through sound. Spirits.

From ESP's Pharoah's First to a long stay with the Impulse imprint, Pharoah Sanders has made a point of applying himself to being the best vessel he can be, so that the spirits might have way to communicate. Here, this vibration is as clear as it has ever been, showing a range of influences and tones that Pharoah has cultivated his voice from. Chanting, tenor lines, wood flute resonance and hindehoo all stream from a jazz giant who's travels through Africa and Europe, along with his works in community mosques of California, refine and broaden his vision. Dissolving constricting terms and guiding through the darkness, this trio build and tear down, ever penetrating and becoming.

Between Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake hands, sticks, brushes and mallets dance with traps, frames, tablas, congas, djembe, udu, gong, bendir, def and various bells and chimes. The two have been as one since they ran together in Chicago back in the day. Rudolph's overtone singing and Drake's cymbals dream seamless. Sunrise to sunset the rhythmic match and counterpoint drives the music - Pharoah soaring atop like a butterfly who's wings gently touch rapids on the river.



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